We are a network of more than 270 companies and public sector businesses. Our key aim is to enable employers, many of whom have no experience in this area, to support employees facing domestic abuse and to help employees who are perpetrators stop.

When employers demonstrate that they are aware of domestic abuse and make staff aware of the services that are available, this can help to reduce the wall of silence about domestic abuse that prevents many from seeking help.

Many employers are already taking action in their organisations – for example developing policies on domestic abuse, raising awareness amongst employees, training senior staff, managers and ambassadors on how to identify employees who may need help, and offering direct help or signposting to where it can be found for them and their children.

Only through greater awareness, relationship building and the sharing of best practice can we make a systematic change to the way domestic abuse is handled in the UK, and we believe that every one of our members plays an important part in that.

Our Steering Group

Our Steering Group has representatives from member organisations as well as volunteers. Regular meetings are held.

Elizabeth Filkin CBE (Chair)
Chair, Independent Advisory Group, Marston Group
(Formerly Chair, Annington Homes, Several NEDs, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards)

Fraser Duncan ACMA (Treasurer)
Co-founder, several start-ups
(Formerly Managing Director, Terra Firma Capital Partners, Several NEDs)

Sue Akers CBE, QPM
(Formerly Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service)

Fiona Cannon OBE
Group Director, Responsible Business and Inclusion, Lloyds Banking Group

Sir Martin Donnelly KCB, CMG
(Formerly Permanent Secretary, Department of International Trade)

Helen Lamprell
General Counsel and External Affairs Director, Vodafone UK

Rebecca Lees
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, House of Commons

Richard McKenna
CEO, Inclusive Employers

Steve Maule
Group Head of Qualifications and Diversity, Lookers plc

Michael Naish
(Formerly, Victim Support)

Dr Janet Reibstein
Psychologist. Prof Emerita, University of Exeter; Relate National Clinical Advisory Board; Faculty, The Child and Family Practice.

Patrick Ryan
CEO, Hestia

Jabbar Sardar
HR Director, BBC Studios

Tahani Saridar
Director of Development & Programmes, Institute for Food, Brain & Behaviour

Pamela Zaballa
Global Executive Director, No More

We are always looking for people who want to help with the initiative. Please contact us if you can support us.